IDEM - IDEntity Management

Allows to researchers, teachers and students to use a unique credential for acces in various network services. The entities of origin of users become the identity provider, the identity can be exchanged, providing appropriate safeguards and respecting of privacy.

  • Guest users can use the Temporary connection and access the  "polimi" wi-fi network and the wired "base access". To login they can use the credentials provided by their institution of affiliation. 
    More info about guest access

  • The Politecnico users may use their Person Code and associated password to access networks provided by any organisations affiliated to IDEM.

Further information and list of affiliate members: www.idem.garr.it 

Eduroam - Education Roaming

The Politecnico joins to Eduroam, a service that provides secure wireless access to the network.  

  • Federated guest users can access "eduroam" wi-fi network using the credentials provided by their institution of affiliation 
    More info about guest access
  • The Politecnico users once the "eduroam" network has been set up at the Politecnico di Milano it will be possible to access the local "eduroam" wireless networks of the other federated institutions.

Further information and list of affiliate members: www.eduroam.it.

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